Objectives of the VADA GCCBA, the Drug Awareness Society of the College are as follows:

  1. To educate teachers, coaches, health professionals, and business and community leaders to help youth reject illegal drugs and underage alcohol and tobacco use.
  2. To pursue a vigorous public communications through college website and social media program dealing with the dangers of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use by youth.
  3. To promote zero tolerance policies for youth regarding the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco within the family, school, college, workplace, and community.
  4. To support parents and adult mentors in encouraging youth to engage in positive, healthy lifestyles and modeling behavior to be emulated by young people.
  5. To encourage and assist the development of community coalitions and programs in preventing drug abuse and underage alcohol and tobacco use.
  6. To develop and implement a set of principles upon which prevention programming can be based.

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